Small Business

How can supporting a small business help the economy?

Small businesses create a big impact. Small businesses that continue to grow provide economic stability, both in the local area and the state, as well as the U.S. As a small business we link our neighbors, customers, and social media connections together in local and social relationships, which provide outlets for a more regional local economic growth.

Here at Anotha Level, we take pride in our craftsmanship as well as where we find our materials. We source most of our materials from California, we design and print all of our garments locally, and our finished fabrics are 100% American made. We buy our inks, vinyls, decals, equipment, and materials from USA manufactures.

local customers and social connections will always guarantee a much broader range of product choices

We also donate and are involved in local causes to help enrich our community. As a small business, if we're selling products and ordering supplies to replenish and create new products, then the other businesses are sure to benefit. From there we can all thrive and benefit each other for a better place we call home.

Entrepreneurs fuel America’s economic innovation. Here at Anotha Level we put out heart and soul into our small growing company. And where there is a multitude of businesses– both large and small, the best way to ensure innovation and low prices is to invest into smaller businesses for better long-term growth. The needs and demand of our local customers and social connections will always guarantee a much broader range of product choices and distinctive character through both large and small competition. By the way, we appreciate feedback.

We make every attempt to use local or statewide options for our processes and products. Unfortunately some products we carry can be sourced from other areas. We are a small company and while we look for every attempt to source from the USA, sometimes our ability for local, statewide, or USA manufacturing is out of reach.

We hope you’ll consider small business and perhaps take a second glance at ours. =)