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  • What is Pilling and Why does it matter?

    Who want's to look like crap? Most likely nobody. From time to time we figure out ways to stay sharp and look our best. Be it from using a favorite cologne or polishing up your gold ring. If you ever worn clothes, (who hasn't right?) cotton, polyester, wool, synthetic fabric, acrylics, etc. Chances are you've come across Pilling, (and you may not even know it). Pilling is when fibers break and form small balls of lint on the surface of the fabric. This is caused by any type of abrasion. ie. rubbing, wearing, layering, adjusting, straps, seatbelt, wear and tear... the list goes on. Is your favorite beanie not looking as good when you bought it? Is your brand new sweatshirt looking old after a week of wearing it? Is your purse or backback rubbing the shoulder making it appear worn out? Is new scarf looking ratty an unkempt? Not only is pilling un-slightly and can quickly make a favorite garment less appealing– but it can actually collect more lint, more dust, and more human or animal hair just by acting like velcro and grabbing onto it. (oh no!) So what can we do? My favorite method is to use a Fabric Shaver. You can usually find these bad boys for under $10. Of course there are some other home DIY techniques that you can probably achieve around your house or apartment. For instance, using an electric facial razor or a manual razor (not a beard trimmer) you can simply hold the fabric flat and scrap away broken fibers. Another method is to use a basic hair comb and lift the broken fibers off. + others methods with a quick google search. Personally I think the Fabric Shaver is the quickest. Especially for cable knits, beanies, sweatshirts, scarves, etc. and it covers a large area fast so you can do it to a lot of garments if you're doing it for the first time. But trust us. Stay looking sharp. Don't let your favorite piece of apparel hang in the closet because you think it's worn out. Often times it only needs to have a hair trim of it's own to look good. If you liked this article or found it helpful, please feel free comment or share to the social media of your choice. Thank you.

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