Recap: 3rd Annual Cali Roots Festival

What A Blast! Where to even begin... This was our official first time vending an event. We've done some small shows here and there like sold clothing off a table, out the truck, or from our small store in Salinas, but never rented a spot for a 10x10 for a large event in our own county. So we brought out the couch, new gear and designs, live and original art works, ice chest, tents, Dum-Dums, and stickers... I must say, the welcome was well received. We arrived friday afternoon to set up and noticed we had prime location. We were one of the closest booths to the main stage! Quickly met our neighbors mendomulchers great friendly people..(I gave their mom who was visiting from Gerorgia her first taste of Double Chocolate Stout..mmmmm).. and as soon as we took the couch out of the trailer  their son took off his shoes and took a seat ready for the next days activities. The first day started out slightly rainy and overcast but soon into the beginning it turned into just cloud cover. One of our artists wadl set up for live painting. His art was dope, got a lot of people to stop and take a look, take video/pics and ask questions about his process. He forgot to bring out any flyers and his business cards didn't make it in time. so if you're interested in some of his art stop by his site...  The music was off the hook, everyone was super friendly and only had good stuff to say about our booth, artwork, style, designs, and our sofa for the public.. the first 5 min of sofa relaxing was free. lol. Me made a few of the sitters earn there wages by passing out flyers for more couch time. Being that we were so close to the stage, simply walking to the front of the booth and plopping down on the couch was a real treat. Wadl had a raffle for one oh his prints. The person who won it, bought the ticket saying I need this for my house. He came back half way through the day asking where his painting was. He came back right before the drawing and asked if he won HIS print yet. So Wadl  reached into the hat. and drew that same guys name. How strange is that?
Make sure if you leave the kitchen sink at home; bring the hamster.
Ran into a lot of old friends too, some we haven't seen in over 10 years!
The experience was awesome. Monterey and the California Roots folks know how to throw it down for sure. We can't thank everyone enough for all the help, kindness, support, and the fun experience we had because if it. We look forward to more of these in the future!  And thanks for taking the tme to read about our experience. Thanks again to help from Wadl & Desiree, Josh, Teresa and Justin.
-Anotha Level and Kerw.

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