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Pretty Ugly on Multikill Recordings

E.P. dropped Feb 11th on Beatport called SINK YOUR TEETH IN on brand new multi-genre bass label, Multikill Recordings

Pretty Ugly is an electronic dance music production duo on the cutting edge of bass music. Singing and rapping over original and beautifully produced ear candy never made you rage so good. This multi-talented team consists of Daytona and Timeline, production aficionados and artists to the core. "Pretty Ugly exhibits a formidable talent for sound design and vocal chops that few artists have managed to acquire,let alone master." They have shared the stage with artists such as Griz, Kill Paris, Robotic Pirate Monkey, DJ Keoki, Jantsen, J Rabbit, and many others, and have also had charting releases on and Make sure to go check out their debut e.p. release "Sink Your Teeth In" on Multikill Recordings due out on beatport Feb.11, 2013. This year things are sure to get pretty ugly.  

Q&A with Pretty Ugly on Multikill Recordings

Interview by Brandi Firestine

  So what's with the name "Pretty Ugly"? There has to be some sort of story behind that. We see duality in everything. We love double meanings. Our music is a representation of how we view the world. It ends up being very bittersweet and the name "Pretty Ugly" embodies that ideal.  Plus,  we're really really ridiculously good looking dudes. Believe. That's always a benefit! The sounds you create are quite eclectic. What musical genres, outside of bass music, influence you most in your daily lives? As musicians, we find ourselves appreciating all forms of music no matter what genre it is. Collectively we want to keep evolving and pushing music forward and that's difficult to do if you limit your music taste for whatever silly reason. multikill recordings Very true. Is there any producers you find yourselves listening to on repeat lately? Anything by Paris Hilton. She really gets the creative juices going. That's funny...unfortunately I missed her last album drop.  So what's your favorite aspect of playing a live show? Being able to take songs that we've made and share them with others on a big sound system is definitely an incredible feeling. It's nice to see countless hours in the studio pay off. That's where all the hard work definitely showcases your talent. Is there any crazy fan interactions/stories to share? Actually it would be really nice to have some fans because it gets super hot on stage. I remember my first fan! With your new release Sink Your Teeth In on Multikill Recordings, what are you hoping to bring to a "scene" that's full of so many different sub-genres and talented producers? First of all, we give props to anyone in the scene killin' it. We chose to be on Multikill because we have the freedom to be ourselves. Some people may be intimidated by an over saturated market, but its not our mission to compete. We do our own thing because that's what comes natural. Pretty UglyThat's an awesome statement. Being yourself and staying true is key, in my opinion. What do you see for the future of bass music? Hopefully more innovation. Somewhere, right now, there's probably some kid sitting on his laptop making the craziest new shit that nobody's heard yet. Even one song can change an entire music standard and we love that. Any words of wisdom, shot outs, or closing comments? Shout outs to LANK and the Multikill team, Space Program, Mermaids and Vampires, Gotbassmusic, all our Colorado fam and beyond. We got nothin but love for everyone out there showing support and coming out to Pretty Ugly shows. A big thanks to Anotha level,, themusicninja, and all the sites that help us get our music out there! We love ya'll. Awesome thanks for the Q&A. We wish you well in all your adventures! Find Pretty Ugly and Multikill recordings on facebook, beatport and Soundcloud Get their exclusive EP on Beatport! [sharethis]

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