Multikill Recordings Interview with Wikidill

We're speaking with Artist / Producer - Wickidill on Multikill Recordings. Wickidill has new releases on the Multikill multi-genre record label. We're here to find out about the artist and what he's all about! Q:Hello Wikidill, can you tell us a little about yourself. A: Name name is Chris Amalfitano, going by the artist name Wikidill. Affiliations are MultiKill Recordings, Prime Audio, and Duploc. Specializing in Dubstep, DnB, and Glitch Hop. I'm living in New Port Richey, Florida. Born and raised in Massachusetts, moved to Florida on my 13th bday. Im into hiphop culture. Enjoy most sports. Enjoy the outdoors...Pretty Simple and basic life :-) AL: Awesome, Is there a story behind your performer name? Wikidill: I grew up in massachusetts, and use the word "wicked" a lot. So I kinda bit the style that Datsik used to make his stage name and threw "ill" at the end, changed the lettering and mashed it to make it unique and just rolled with it. AL: Musical influences found in your daily routine, and where do you find inspiration? Wikidill: Micheal Jackson, Koan Sound, Hatebreed, JJ Walker, The Doors, etc.  I mainly find inspiration threw hearing bass music. There is so many artist out there that make amazing sounds and crazy pattern arrangements that really trigger me to do better with my own work. But, a random sound can sometimes trigger the creativity bone. AL: Any producers or similar artists you look up to or work with? Wikidill: There are tons of producers and musicians I would love to work with or learn from. Spor, Noisia, Evol Intent, Koan Sound, Amon Tobin, Pendulum, TC, just to name some of the artist that originally turned me to love bass music. But then there are others like Pogman, VOKT , Dack Janiels AL: With your new release War On Uranus, what are you hoping to bring an audience that's full of so many different sub-genres and talented producers? Wikidill: Im not big on sub-genres. I go for whatever feels good, and thats what I plan to attempt to bring to the audience, what feels good :-) AL: Definitely, staying true, right in the feels, haha.  Any upcoming projects or future plans you'd like to share? Wikidill: There is always projects being worked on. Im currently trying to get booked more in large cities, getting my name out there, doing interviews like this!  Currently I'm looking to release my own EP soon as well. AL: Any words of wisdom, shot-outs, or closing comments? Wikidill: It blows my mind that people actually listen and like my work. Even after two years of starting Wikidill, i never get used to the fact people like what I do. I hear these massive tunes coming from up and comers out of nowhere. 85% of the time I think my work is garbage compared to what I've heard. But people like it, and thats when I learned all you have to be is yourself. Of course we are all inspired by other peoples work. Its too take what has motivated you, and then create something from "you". Keep Pushing forward no matter how long it takes, no matter what someone tells you. If its a hobby that you wish to be a career then push for it. If you feel your coming short, don't stop. When you love what your working hard at, your hardly working at all in my opinion. I've started producing 2005, its is now 2015. Im 2 years in with the Wikidill name and it is the most success i have had with music thus far. I will keep pushing forward and keep attempting to be better than yesterday. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE A PART!!! AL: Awesome Chris! Pleasure doing this interview. Good Luck in all your endeavors, and we'd like to hear back further down the line. You can find more Tunes and Information from Wikidill and Multikill Recordings below Social Links: (soundcloud/facebook/IG/TW/etc.) Forthcoming on Multikill multikill anothalevel

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