Free Totem Device Wallpaper !!

Enjoy a Free Device Wallpaper for smart-phone.

Or you can use it on your other devices too! Choose a color that matches your personality. Dark overall background so you can still see easily see your app icons and your device doesn't look busy and cluttered. We had a couple requests for other colors of our most recent design. And this design was so popular we wanted to share it with you so you can use it on your desktop, phone or device!   Click and save the image(s) to download from your device. =) anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-midnightMoonlight at Midnight anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-living-treeTree of Life anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-raspberry-limeRaspberry Limeade anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-teal-rust Rust & Turquoise anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-blue-redNight Fire anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-redwoodRedwood anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-absintheAbsinthe anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-red Sara Red anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-coffee Coffee anotha-level-totem-background-free-wallpaper-blackout2Blackout Leave a comment... what's your favorite color? Remember add us to Instagram! Enjoy!
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