EKZOID Download and Interview Multikill

ekzoid dubstep free download EKZOID releasing some heavy tunes on Multikill Recordings. Hailing from Belarus– Artist and Producer EKZOID just released ZOD. An E.P. with Label Multikill on beatport.com. Featuring 4 new spankin tracks on the multi-bass genre Multikill Recordings Label. We have an exclusive Q/A and Free track download thanks to our friends at Multikill. Free Download Here... >> Step Back by EKZOID free from Multikill Recordings << Q&A with EKZOID on Multikill Recordings by Justin Dilbeck Ivan Kovalenko is EKZOID from Belarus, Polock. Style of music produced is Dubstep/Drumstep EKZOID Soundcloud EKZOID Facebook Q/A: AL: Nice to have you here EKZOID. What is a musical influence you find in your daily routine? EKZOID: Pantheon collective. AL: Where do you find inspiration? EKZOID: It comes to me always unexpectedly! AL: Any producers or similar artists you look up to or work with? EKZOID: I would like to try to do something together with Init. But in general, I cooperate well with Igor Graphite and I like to work with him. AL: Have you ever preformed under any other names? EKZOID: Yes.At first I was Sayberx. AL: After your new release on Multikill do you have any other upcoming releases?  EKZOID: Expected release on Multikill Rekordings. As well as joint EP on Uplink Audio. It will be interesting tracks! Also releasing one glitch-hop track and free dubstep track. Stay Tuned. And lastly some fun topics. Favorite Color? black and yellow Favorite Food? Organic fruits and vegetables Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink? I do not drink it Favorite Alcoholic Drink? Tequila! Bike, Drive, Walk, Skate, etc to work? I like to run Favorite Pastime? Play in Sony Playstation 3 Awesome thanks for the Q&A. We wish you success in all future endeavors! Stay Creative! Free Download Here... >> Step Back by EKZOID free from Multikill Recordings << Find EKZOID and Multikill recordings on facebook, beatport and Soundcloud EKZOID Facebook facebook.com/Multikillrecordings EKZOID on beatport.com https://soundcloud.com/multikillrecordings multikill anothalevel  
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